13 December 2016

Review: Déjà Dead

Déjà Dead Déjà Dead by Kathy Reichs
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I love "Bones" on FOX. I love if since the first time I watched it. That was the reason why I wanted to read this book so badly and at the same time, that again was the reason I postponed it as much as I could. I did not want to read the book and feel disappointed by either the TV show or the novel.

I am happy to announce that the only thing that "Bones" and Kathy Reichs' books have in common it the main idea. And that is great! The novel is very interesting and while I was reading I did not compare it at all with "Bones", because it's an impossible task.

Déjà Dead is one of those books where you have all the clues and still, you cannot figure it out until the mere end. Even in the end, you think that you know who the killer is and Reichs manage to surprise you.

Great book. Can't wait to read the next one.

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24 November 2016

Ways we are manipulated!

I am have seen so many people trying to manipulate others, that I have decided to state here some common ways we were being manipulated by others.

1. Guilt tripping - how many time did others make you feel guilty of something you did or did not do?
2. Misquoting - how many times have our words been used against us?
3. Bulling and threats are always an option if #1 and # 2 do not work.
4. And if all of the above still don't work there come the tears and the begging. I personally believe that at this point again they try to make you feel guilty that you say no!
5. This is my personal favorite - using empty promises!
6. Some people even help you only in order for you to owe them!

I will leave the list open and will update it with new information whenever I think of new ways people manipulate others.

If you think I missed something please feel free to add it in the comments :)

15 November 2016

Nursery rhymes

Hey everyone,

As I have said a couple of times I am an English language teacher.
I teach mostly little kids. This being said I am always in need of songs for them. I know that one of the best ways to study the language is trough nursery rhymes.

I would really appreciate if you can share with me some of your all time favourite nursery rhymes. The ones that you still sing to your kids for example.

Please feel free to post them as comments.
I would be very grateful!

The Dead Room by Stephanie Erickson

Well, first of all I have to confess that I have bought this book while it was free on Amazon.
I am glad that I did not pay for it. Don't get me wrong. It's not that I did not like what I read. The problem is that in my opinion The Dead Room is not a full novel. I do not accept it. It is not finished. Most of the times, when the book has a sequel, it has it's own finish and it implies that even so, that is not the end of the story.

Here, they have just divided the book at some point and decided that the readers would have to pay again to get to some kind of end.

2 November 2016

The Executioner (Robert Hunter, #2) by Chris Carter

The Executioner by Chris Carter
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book is amazing. I have read it sooo fast.
The best thing in Chris Carter's books is the psychological training of the main character. I love psychology and serial killers and this book reminds me a little of "Criminal Minds".
The characters are great, the story is interesting, and up until the end I could not be sure who was the killer.
This is my new favourite crime novel author.

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21 Dares by J.C. Gatlin

21 Dares
by J.C. Gatlin
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Don't get me wrong, the book is not bad. It is easy to read but the fact is that 21 Dares is not a suspense mystery. The idea of the story is great, but somehow there is something I am not finding in it.
It's just that maybe I expected something more out of it.
Nevertheless, I was surprised by the end, that's why the book gets 4 stars.

13 September 2016

The Angel Scroll by Kevin Hunking

I was given this book by the author in exchange for my honest review.

I have to admit that I was surprised by the way this affected me. It is one truly interesting read. "The Angel Scroll" is not a quick read in my opinion, at least not if you want to fully appreciate the full power, hidden in this book. I am very amazed by the story itself. I think that the book is definitely something that everyone should find time to read and hopefully draw some conclusion about him/herself.

The only problem I encountered while reading the book was the mistakes in it. I don't know is they were typos or something else, but they are numerous. Nevertheless, the book is great and I am giving it 4.5 stars.

3 September 2016

Gatekeepers of the Grapevine by Jane Paterson

I would have to say that this book was a great surprise to me. It is not something that I would start reading on my own, without it being strongly recommended.
I don't know if any specific genre applies to this book, but what I am sure of is that this book is a MUST read in my list.
I received the book from the writer in exchange for my honest opinion.

The book is very good! It is very far from the typical rich women stories. It is interesting, beautiful and realistic. At some point I had to remind myself that the book does not recount a true story. I was really amazed with the way Jane Paterson managed to describe the characters and everything that happens in the rich-people's daily routine and still make it sound capturing and interesting.

I received the book from the writer in exchange for my honest opinion.

31 August 2016

Tortured dreams by Hadena James

I think I struck gold. I am unbelievably happy. I have found a book that I fell in love with and the best part is that the book is part of a series.
It’s the perfect crime novel. I have just reached the middle and I cannot put it down every spare minute I have. I read during lunch breaks and while I am going to and back from work.
What makes this book so special is that it is not only about gruesome crimes using Medieval tortures but in the book they explain how those devices were created and what were their exact purposes. It’s amazing.
The best part is that since the main character is a sociopath the level of personal girly drama is extremely low.
The books is absolutely amazing, thank you @HadenJames 

22 April 2016

Sometimes love does not win.

Have you ever seen someone that has made your soul jump? Some complete stranger that you just know you would never see again. Or a person that you could never be with, not because the two of you don't like each other, or don't want to be together, but just because ...
It is hard to be an adult and to have to live with all the consequences of your actions. To know that every decision you make is going to affect the people around you. I hate being an adult, I hate knowing that I would never have what I really desire, I hate that I have to choose between myself and everybody else, between my and their happiness.
How am I to do that? Who am I to say that my personal happiness is more important that the happiness of ten other people, my parents including? Who am I to trow all the efforts that the sacrifices that they have made for me and to flee?
I am a coward, who will never be truly happy. I am a coward who wants to be saved from myself and my inability to put myself over the others. And you know what the worst part is? No one is ever going to save me. No one is ever going to shake my hand and tell me I did well either. My efforts not to hurt people around me will never be appreciated.
Sometimes love does not win. Sometimes love is just pain and sorrow and tears. Sometimes it is only there to remind us that we will never have it.

6 April 2016

Seventh Dimension - The City, A Young Adult Fantasy by Lorilyn Roberts

Seventh Dimension - The City, A Young Adult FantasySeventh Dimension - The City, A Young Adult Fantasy by Lorilyn Roberts
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“The City” is one really captivating book. I have never read the previous books in the series but if you love adventures, suspense, mythology and apocalyptic theories than this book is definitely for you. It has everything. It is fast pacing and once I started reading I just couldn’t stop. It was an amazing adventure to be part of the magic and the faith that Lorilyn Roberts has created. She just shows people that science and God can exist at the same time.
I love the book. I am going to go back in the “Seventh Dimension” and read the previous books. I cannot believe that I have missed such treasures.

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3 April 2016

The Cheating Wives Club: Women are dying to join by D.J. Jouett

The Cheating Wives Club: Women are dying to joinThe Cheating Wives Club: Women are dying to join by D.J. Jouett
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I just love crime novels. And this one specifically is just amazing. It’s like watching a type of crime series, like “Castle”. It is so well written that I can imagine everything I read and since the chapters always finish with some promise for more it’s really like watching it on TV. The books is funny and serious, it’s cleverly thought and capturing. It keeps you in suspense and you never know for sure what is going to happen next. I have been looking for a long time for something like this one. I love crime novels and I have read most of what’s up for sale, but after reading this book I truly hope that I would be able to read some more by D.J. Jouett.
PS: I have always wanted to become what Lana is, I even studied psychology in the University. After reading this book I am absolutely sure that I made the right decision choosing a different career path after all.

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29 March 2016

The Greatest Story Ever Told: A Love Story (Greatest Story Ever Told, #1) by Rebe James

The Greatest Story Ever Told: A Love Story (Greatest Story Ever Told, #1)The Greatest Story Ever Told: A Love Story by Rebe James
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I would have to begin with the fact that this book is for people with average and above average IQ. It is complex and interesting. It has a lot of lines that have to be followed.
Be aware, this book may actually teach you something!
I love the way “The Greatest Story Ever Told” is written. It makes you think on every sentence you read. It is not just one of many historic fiction romances.
This is not about a man and a woman that are with perfect bodies and perfect looks, but it is for two people, with great minds, great attitudes and great personalities. Well both are them are good looking too, but that is not the most important thing in this book. The most important thing here is the mind and the ability to think on your own.
I truly believe that everyone can find something precious in this book for himself or herself. For me it was this: “You really don’t think very much of me, do you?” he chuckled.”You speak of me against judgment, yet you stand before me accuser and judge all in one.”

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28 March 2016

Your Soul Was Made for Mine by C.L. Hunter

Your Soul Was Made for MineYour Soul Was Made for Mine by C.L. Hunter
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Now that is something different! I cannot even begin to describe this book. It has so much t offer. Where does one find love like this? So overwhelming, so powerful, so deep… I am speechless.
I really don’t know how to describe this book without giving any spoilers. But be sure, that it is amazing. I am sure, that if have ever loved someone, really loved him or her and you would be able to find some of your own feelings in this book. I have never read a book about a love story that could do that, and believe me when I say that I have read a lot. This book made me love my man even more. It made me appreciate every little thing we have ever done together, every glimpse I get at him looking at me.
I can never tell you how refreshingly amazing this love story is. It is written so perfectly that I feel that I am part of the story, not just a reader. Look at this passage and then tell me I am not right!
“Oh, my God! Was I ready for this step? My body was trembling. I had seemed bolder in my own world than over here in this strange land. “

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18 March 2016

Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss

Green Eggs and HamGreen Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I am an English language teacher and thus I am in constant search of children's literature.
That being said, I stumbled on this book.
It is very good. I have heard of it for some time now, but I have never really given much thought. Today I finally read it.
It is perfect for little children who are just beginning to read in English. It has a lot of repetitions which helps children to accumulate confidence in reading. The illustrations help a lot too. The book is funny and has a great moral lesson at the end.
I recommend it to all teachers as myself, who are looking for a way to plant the see of the joy of reading in their little students.

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11 March 2016

Missed opportunities - quote

I am not sure that I agree with this statement. The first time I saw this quote I was so sure it was the absolute and undeniable truth. But I put the quote in the draft folder and tough it through. 
Now, when some time has passed, I am not convinced. There a lot thing worse than missed chances like not having food and clean water. People are really selfish creatures and cannot appreciate what they have. And when I say they, what do include myself. We all need some drama in our lives to understand how happy we were or what we had.
Why can't we just be happy about what we have? Why do we need to constantly abuse ourselves to understand that we had something really good? Someone sad that without the darkness you would never appreciate the light. I do not agree! Without the darkness you would just never appreciate the darkness. 
I will not beat myself about any missed chances anymore. NO. I will take the ones I find suitable at a particulate moment and I will be brave enough to take the consequences of my choices and actions, no to cry over the missed choices. 

7 March 2016

Dancing at Midnight: The Life of June Parker by Rebecca Yelland

Dancing at Midnight: The Life of June ParkerDancing at Midnight: The Life of June Parker by Rebecca Yelland
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book is amazing. I had totally different expectations of it. I thought that it was going to be a melodramatic love story – sweet and boring. But NO. This book is amazing. It is deep and it touched my heart in a way that so little books can.
June Parker’s story is about a young girl who has only one wish – to have a true family. It appears, that a family as we know it is something very luxurious to have. It is also shown in this book that families are not always your relatives, but the people who are your friends. The book made me think how happy and lucky I was to have a great loving family and good loving friends.
The best part of the book is the way it is written. The language and the descriptions are so good. It is so easy to read and to imagine the story that is developing in front of your eyes.
I hope that Rebecca Yelland will publish another book soon. I am looking forward to it.

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29 February 2016

Welcome to Lily's Room (Lily Lemon Blossom) by Barbara Miller

Welcome to Lily's Room (Lily Lemon Blossom)Welcome to Lily's Room by Barbara Miller
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

When I started reading this book to my niece I thought that it would be more interactive.
I struggled to find some of the objects in Lily's room, so what's left for a 4 year's old.
I had to ask her additional questions, about all the other toys there are.
But this is not my main problem with this book.
My main problem lies with my niece's question at the end of the book: "So, what happened? Is it over? but what happened?"
And there it was, the truth - nothing happened in the book. Not a thing. No story at all.
Sorry, my niece and I, we don't like it.

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23 February 2016


I am a smoker and this is my excuse. I don't know what is yours.
I am a teacher and I work with little children that will never see me smoke because smoking is my personal choice. I would not give them me as an excuse. But I do not agree that I have to be commended for that.
My grandpa was the healthiness person ever. He rode a bike, ate fruit and veggies and never drank. He didn't smoke either. and he died of a brain tumor.
How fare is that?

22 February 2016

Quote of the day and of the week!

You know what, I love this movie. SCARFACE. It's one of the greatest movies for all time. I am not a big fan of gagsers' movies, but this one is just amazing. The first time I saw the movie, I was so perplexed at the end. It took me three days to decide if I wanted to cry for Tony Montana or not... and then I cried like forever. The truth in his words is go close to me. I don't know about you, but it is enormously hard for me to decide if I want to be good and care about people or it I want to care about myself first. 
In today's' world the question is not "To Be or Not to Be?" It is more like to care or not to care, to be step onto or to step on people? 
And how do one take such a decision? I cannot!

19 February 2016

The Murder on the Links (Hercule Poirot, #2) by Agatha Christie

The Murder on the Links (Hercule Poirot, #2)The Murder on the Links by Agatha Christie
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The book s very good. It is full of twists and new discoveries. Poirot is amazing as always. He is just perfect. And as for Hastings, well, he is just himself again - not so clever and not so amazing, but funny as a clown.
I once read that Agatha Christie did not like Poirot. I still cannot understand why. I like the way he just finds the answers to all unspoken questions in the most gentleman manner.
This story is just one of the best detective stories I have ever read. Much better than "Ten Little Indians".

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10 February 2016

Children Books: Lucky the Lizard

Children Books: Lucky the Lizard (Bedtime Stories For Kids Ages 3-10): Kids Books - Bedtime Stories For Kids - Children's Books - Early Readers - Free Stories (Fun Time Series for Beginning Readers)Children Books: Lucky the Lizard (Bedtime Stories For Kids Ages 3-10): Kids Books - Bedtime Stories For Kids - Children's Books - Early Readers - Free Stories by Uncle Amon
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I am a kindergarten teacher and I work with a lot of students. I teach them English an I thought that this book may com in handy.
The stories are not bad. They a little too simple for kids over 6 years old though. In the same time, it the stores there are these complicated words like: mathematical problem balancing themselves which is an impossible think to explain to a 3 year-old.
The one good thing about these stories is that they are about goodness and friendship and if I tell the stories in my own words instead of reading them, they are useful.

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8 February 2016

To Forgive or to Forget?!

To forgive your friends or to forget them? That is the question.
In a world where everybody is ready to trip you if you look or feel better than you are suppose to do, which strategy is better: to forgive your friends for their wrongdoing or to forget them altogether?
So far in my not so very long life I have done both. And I still cannot decide which one is better. I have even tried to forget and forgive the bad things.
Now I am at a place in my life that I am starting to understand that while one cannot live alone, one does not really have friends.
People do not have morals anymore, they do not respect themselves enough to respect others. They mock each - other's way of talking, walking, dressing, thinking.
I think we live in a world of  connected loneliness and self-disrespect and that anyone that does not qualify on those conditions, has almost no chances of survival, at least not in this type of oneself. We just take so many blows to our self-esteem and morals that we start to change unwillingly. Terry Pratchett wrote: "History has a habit of changing the people who think they are changing it." I will paraphrase that : Society has a habit of changing the people who think they are changing it for the good.

So let me ask you one more time. Do you Forgive or do you Forget?

Quote of the day

OK, so I am a little divided between two quotes today, and I definitely don't want to leave one of them for tomorrow, so I will just give you both.

God help me, I really do have so few friends!

6 February 2016

Staind - Outside

I just love this song, but somehow I have forgotten about it.

Here is the lyrics:

And you
Can bring me to my knees
All the times
That I could beg you please
In vain
All the times
That I felt insecure
For you
And I leave
My burdens at the door

But I'm on the outside                                      All the times
I'm looking in                                                 That I felt like this won't end
I can see through you                                      It's for you
See your true colors                                        And I taste
'Cause inside you're ugly                                  What I could never have
You're ugly like me                                         It was from you
I can see through you                                      All the times
See to the real you                                         That I've cried
                                                                   My intentions
                                                                   Full of pride
                                                                   But I waste
                                                                   More time than anyone

But I'm on the outside                                     All the times
And I'm looking in                                          That I've cried
I can see through you                                      All this wasted
See your true colors                                        It's all inside
'Cause inside you're ugly                                  And I feel
You're ugly like me                                          All this pain
I can see through you                                      Stuffed it down
See to the real you                                          It's back again
                                                                    And I lie
                                                                    Here in bed
                                                                    All alone
                                                                    I can't mend
                                                                    But I feel
                                                                    Tomorrow will be OK

But I'm on the outside
And I'm looking in
I can see through you
See your true colors
'Cause inside you're ugly
You're ugly like me
I can see through you
See to the real you

Yoga and me :)

So, from time to time, I do some yoga at home. I am really lazy and I do not do it often. There are so many reasons - excuses that I find not to do my workout. And all of this just because I am lazy.
A couple of days ago I decided that I will declare war on the pharmaceutical industry. I am not going to take a pill other than one made out of herbs. That being said I have migraines, so you can imagine what this decision costs me in terms of pain.
Yes but no, every time when my head starts hurting, I do a little yoga and depending on the pain, 20 minutes to 40 minutes later the pain is all gone and I am a new person.
I don't know what is your opinion on pills and pain-relievers, but for now I am sticking with the herbs and yoga, thank you!
I have never felt better that after a yoga practice.

5 February 2016

The Billionaire's Wife: The Complete Series (The Billionaire's Wife #1-9)

The Billionaire's Wife: The Complete Series (The Billionaire's Wife #1-9)The Billionaire's Wife: The Complete Series by Ava Lore
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

These are not 9 books. This is one book that someone had decided to sell chapter by chapter.
I do not know which one came first: this "series" or the 50 shades, but at least the 50 shades are real books.
I don't know what I expected. What I got was a small voice in my head which was asking me why was I reading such books. And at that moment I understood.
The perfect man does not exist, the perfect sex cannot happen every night and that rich people are just bored or overworked or both.
I understood that I am happy with the man I have by my side, with my job and with my friends and family.
I also understood that I would probably never read anything like this in the future.

29 January 2016

The Time Keeper by Mitch Albom

The Time KeeperThe Time Keeper by Mitch Albom
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Amazing book. I love it. It's one of the best books I've ever read.
The story is captivating and complex. It give so much to the reader.
The way that this book summarizes some of the most important thing in our lives is just unbelievable. I couldn't stop talking about this book to all my friends.
Since I've read it my view and understanding of the concepts of time has changed.

Update 1 year after I read the book:
I still catch myself thinking about this book from time to time. "The Time Keeper" turned out to be one of those books that are just unforgettable. It took a special place in my mind and heart. I thought me so much about myself and my views of life. The book is definitely going to my category: "1000 books you should read before you die".

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28 January 2016

Sex and the City part 2

How many time have you met great love?
I don't know how would I answer such question.
I don't know what qualifies for "Great Love".
I think that people tend to give this name "Great Love" to their past relationships, not to the present one.
From the distance of time past we tend to see only the good times, only the special moments. We forget all the times we felt miserable with that someone.
I have loved so many times, and so deeply and I have been hurt so much. I cannot say that I want to meet THE GREAT LOVE again. I think that in the end it just last too short and hurts too much.

25 January 2016

The Love Talisman: When Romance Turns Magic by Morgan K Wyatt

The Love Talisman: When Romance Turns MagicThe Love Talisman: When Romance Turns Magic by Morgan K Wyatt
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book is very, very pleasant. It tells a story about real love and real friendship and one a little unreal cat ;)
No, seriously the book is amazing. It is all a girl for oneself and it is so close to me. Like when I imagine some stuff about myself and a man that I have only seen on a movie or at best I have passed on the street.
This book is the perfect way to relax for a weekend. Just cuddle somewhere in a warm bed with a glass of wine, because with this book hot chocolate just would not do it!  The book is funny and interesting, it is easy to read and at the same time, it is the typical, predictable romance.
This book is for every lonely girl out there and for every girl that is in an unsatisfying relationship. It is for every girl like me, who count calories and cooks gourmet diners every chance she gets. This book is for us, so that we know that there really is nothing that can stop us from finding our soul mate. If Ellie could than I can too.
PS.: I got a cat and named it Mr. Biggs :)

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19 January 2016

Sir Princess Petra's Mission (The Pen Pieyu Adventures #3) by Diane Mae Robinson

Sir Princess Petra's MissionSir Princess Petra's Mission by Diane Mae Robinson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Now, that is one funny story!
Sir Princess Petra is amazing. She is so nice and brave and good and trusting! My nephew can’t wait to hear me read more from the book!
To be honest I chose this book for him only because of the name. I was so intrigued how a princess can be a Sir and I am happy I bought it.
Every character in the book has it proper place. Every character has a reason for existence and a purpose. It helps me teach my little boy that no matter how different he feels sometimes this is not a bad thing. It helps him understand that girls can love balls and blue and still be girls and boys can love pink and drawing and still be boys and that there is nothing wrong with that. It definitely breaks the prejudices about gender differences and expectations. I love it for that. I love the fact that dragons and crocodiles can be good!
One of the things that makes this book so special for me is the way that it teaches children to believe in themselves and to help others:
“Petra forced her voice stronger, ”We’ll show them, Snarls. We’re not scared of a new adventure, right? And one just never knows what is real until one sees it for oneself.”
Thank you for writing this book!

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17 January 2016

Firefly Hollow (Firefly Hollow, #1) by T.L. Haddix

Firefly Hollow (Firefly Hollow, #1)Firefly Hollow by T.L. Haddix
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The book is easy to read and captivating. It's a little different than most romance books that I come across lately, but it very pleasant.
I do not believe that I would read the next book in the series thought. The book is nice but there is something missing there that I cannot put my finger on. May be the drama is a little too much, or may be the love is too unrealistic, I cannot say firmly.
That said, I'd have to confess that I read it in two days ;)

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10 January 2016

Ratchet the Reluctant Witch

Ratchet the Reluctant WitchRatchet the Reluctant Witch by Sara Pascoe
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The reason I am giving this book 5 starts is that it is so close to me. I am officially 28 years old now, and I am just begging to understand that I am an adult. I want to be a teenager again, so I could unsay to my parents a lot of the thing I said. On every page of this book I saw myself and I heard the things I said to them and I called them and said that I was sorry, but somehow it feels like too little too late.
This story is amazing. It is as realistic as it is not! It has magic and it has drama and at the same time, it has funny moments, and talking cats and dogs. It is funny and entertaining and it is serious and complex.
I truly believe that this is one of those books that People should read at least two times in their life: as teens and as adults. Moreover this book is definitely going to be on my future child reading list. It can make you laugh and roll in tears and it can make you smile in appreciation.
I believe that this book should be read from mothers too, so that they can remember what to be a confused teenager is.
My deepest respect and gratefulness to Sara Pascoe for Ratchet and her world.

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