21 June 2015

Things to do on a rainy day :)

Hi everybody,

It is raining here today, so I decided to share all the things I am planing to do today, in this weather!

1. Make some coffee, tea or hot-chocolate (depends on the taste)
2. Curl up on the couch / in the bed with the remote or a good book, or in my case with both. I cannot be a racist and turn off the TV because of a book ;)
3. When you get stiff from lying in all day, stand and try to cook something. In my case the sophistication of the meal depends on the content of my fridge... I never go out for additional ingredients on a rainy day. This is the perfect opportunity for a wanna-be chef create a new meal.
4. When the cooking is done I am going to give the couch another chance to prove to me that I have to stay under a blanket there.
5. If step 5 does not work out, than work out! A long and relaxing yoga routine in goes perfectly with the noise of the rain.
6. If working out is not your thing, you can just clean the house, but no laundry if you do not have a dryer.
7. Get yourself beautiful: a bath, some pedicure and manicure work, some home-made face and hair masks...
8. Now, if all is done, start preparing yourself for the next day... choose what you are going to wear, this always consumes the rest of the time :)
9. Talk to your friends, make plans with them.
10. And last but not least if you don't want it to be, give the bed or the couch one last chance :)

This is the best rainy day I can imagine. Truth being said, I need a rainy week to do all this :)

9 June 2015

Mooney : The Life of the World's Master Carver by John P. Hayes

Mooney : The Life of the World's Master CarverMooney : The Life of the World's Master Carver by John P. Hayes
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I rarely read biographies. Really. But I have a friend that reads tons of them.
One day this friend told me that he has a book for me. That the book is very special, that this book would make me start thinking about the way I guide my own life. I thought that he was kidding, but .... I couldn't have been more wrong.

The book was "Mooney : The Life of the World's Master Carver" .
I cannot even start to explain what I felt while reading it. I was mesmerized. I think I checked about a hundred times, while reading the book, if this person really existed. The story is amazing, the person behind the story is even more amazing if that is even possible.

This is definitely a must read book. This is an example of what a person can accomplish. This book gave me hope, that I can accomplish a lot.

Thank you for the chance to have it in an e-book, because I live in a small far-away country and I would have never read it otherwise.

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8 June 2015

Darkfever (Fever, #1) by Karen Marie Moning

Darkfever (Fever, #1)Darkfever by Karen Marie Moning
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I like the book. I am definitely going to read the next one.
The book is light and interesting. Has it twists and is not predictable.
I like the main characters, especially the male ones. ;)
The one thing I am missing in the book is at least a lil sex. I know that is not nice of me to say, but came on ... she is twenty - two, she is not that "hard", she says this herself, and at the same time.... no sex! :)

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4 June 2015


Today I am thinking about fear. It is such a great power. I think that until today, I have never really perceived its greatness, its depth. 
Me for example, I am afraid of so many things. I am afraid of highs, of dogs, of not being loved, but most of all, I understood today, that I am afraid of big changes. I think that this is my greatest fear. Changes. An I am not talking about changing my hair colour or my job, or my home. I am afraid that if I move to live with somebody I truly believe in, he would stop loving me, or live me, or die.... I just need to have a back up plan. I need, and this is a primal need in my mind and being, I need to have something certain. I need to know that no matter what happens, I would be able to manage on my own. The worst thing is that I understand my fear, and yet I cannot do anything about it. I know that I have missed so many opportunities, so many chances that I will never, ever have again. I have done that fully understanding what I am going to miss, and how badly I am going to miss it. And still, I have done nothing about it. 
What is that? What type of masochist am I to do this to me? And I still have time, I still can turn my life around, and I will not do it. Even while writing this, I know that I am not going to do what is best for me, I am not going to do the one thing that would make me completely happy.
I don't know if a lot of people fee this way, but I pity myself.
How bad is that?

1 June 2015

Shutter Island by Dennis Lehane

Shutter IslandShutter Island by Dennis Lehane
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Now, this is one book I will NOT read again. I will not go through all this again. It was too vivid, too captivating, too much.
The book is amazing, but the end is too Stephen Kingy for me :)
I loved it but it is not for everyone :)

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