24 November 2016

Ways we are manipulated!

I am have seen so many people trying to manipulate others, that I have decided to state here some common ways we were being manipulated by others.

1. Guilt tripping - how many time did others make you feel guilty of something you did or did not do?
2. Misquoting - how many times have our words been used against us?
3. Bulling and threats are always an option if #1 and # 2 do not work.
4. And if all of the above still don't work there come the tears and the begging. I personally believe that at this point again they try to make you feel guilty that you say no!
5. This is my personal favorite - using empty promises!
6. Some people even help you only in order for you to owe them!

I will leave the list open and will update it with new information whenever I think of new ways people manipulate others.

If you think I missed something please feel free to add it in the comments :)

15 November 2016

Nursery rhymes

Hey everyone,

As I have said a couple of times I am an English language teacher.
I teach mostly little kids. This being said I am always in need of songs for them. I know that one of the best ways to study the language is trough nursery rhymes.

I would really appreciate if you can share with me some of your all time favourite nursery rhymes. The ones that you still sing to your kids for example.

Please feel free to post them as comments.
I would be very grateful!

The Dead Room by Stephanie Erickson

Well, first of all I have to confess that I have bought this book while it was free on Amazon.
I am glad that I did not pay for it. Don't get me wrong. It's not that I did not like what I read. The problem is that in my opinion The Dead Room is not a full novel. I do not accept it. It is not finished. Most of the times, when the book has a sequel, it has it's own finish and it implies that even so, that is not the end of the story.

Here, they have just divided the book at some point and decided that the readers would have to pay again to get to some kind of end.

2 November 2016

The Executioner (Robert Hunter, #2) by Chris Carter

The Executioner by Chris Carter
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book is amazing. I have read it sooo fast.
The best thing in Chris Carter's books is the psychological training of the main character. I love psychology and serial killers and this book reminds me a little of "Criminal Minds".
The characters are great, the story is interesting, and up until the end I could not be sure who was the killer.
This is my new favourite crime novel author.

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21 Dares by J.C. Gatlin

21 Dares
by J.C. Gatlin
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Don't get me wrong, the book is not bad. It is easy to read but the fact is that 21 Dares is not a suspense mystery. The idea of the story is great, but somehow there is something I am not finding in it.
It's just that maybe I expected something more out of it.
Nevertheless, I was surprised by the end, that's why the book gets 4 stars.